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Ages Champions

You learn something new every day

I am Adelmo Gatti, I live happily in Pesaro with my wife Ivana. We have two married daughters that gave us two grandchildren, we have our work cut out.

When Andrea, activist of “Ages 2.0” suggested me to take part in this course, aimed at involving elder people in the spectacular world of Internet, I was reluctant because I didn’t want to go crazy with this stuff.

Once I began, I threw myself headlong into the electronic matter, and I started to surf on web easily, guided by the great teacher Valeria, that make the impossible easy to understand.

Ages 2.0 gave me this great opportunity, that I have luckily caught and that is widening my knowledge about this new world.

I thank “Labirinto”, Lucia, Andrea and, overall, the teacher Valeria, that patiently supported me and that showed to match up with her difficult duty.

Greetings to everybody and see you on Ages 2.0 website.  

Adelmo Gatti

My name is Adriana, I did a job that gratified me very much 40 years long. In fact, I worked as shop assistant in a wedding dress shop. This made me know and interact with many young people willing to make a family. It made me feel fulfilled.  After this long career, currently I am on retirement. Honestly, I miss very much my job and the relationship with people. I discovered what means having a PC and how it works thanks to a friend of mine that subscribed me to this course (fortunately I was selected). After some lessons I managed to understand how PC works and to communicate with some people.  I owe this to Valeria, great and very helpful teacher, and to the project, that European Union put at disposal of pensioners, making us know new technologies and know what happens in the world. I would never have thought to have my PC and thanks to this project I can communicate and discover wonderful things from home. Thanks again for this great initiative.  

Adriana Carloni

My name is Adriano Guerra and I am 73 years old. I worked as upholsterer until i was 20 years old. Then I had been working as Fireman 35 years long, appointed as foreman  and departmental head. Over the years I was engaged in several social activities. I was Manager of sportive group "Firemen Nazzareno Montesi", with sections of Volleyball, rowing, gymnastics. There many youngsters enjoyed leisure and sport. First I was Councilor, then President of fifth district Villa S. Martino- Tombaccia. Together with other councilors I founded the social center “ L’Asilo”. In 1995 I was elected as City Councilman in Pesaro.  I took part in many city commissions. I got strongly engaged in implementing social and urban infrastructures for my district. Since 1995 i participate with passion in the realization of social center for young and old people “ Caprilino “ , whose I had been president seven years long.

Adriano Guerrra

I am Adriano Panunzi and I am attending the PC training course of Ages project. I am really proud and happy about the course because I am learning very well and I got the hang of PC.

Adriano Panunzi

I am Aldo Eldo de Gregorio. I was born in Campobasso on March 11, 1927. I spent part of my life in L’Aquila, and I feel a citizen of this city in every way. Now, I live at Santa Colomba with my wife. I attend the Ages course that helps me to widen my knowledge about many issues.

Aldo Eldo de Gregorio

My name is Alessandro Ondedei. I live in Pesaro and I am to finish the course foreseen in the Ages 2.0 project soon. At the beginning, as I had never used a PC, I was confused and not really interested in prosecuting the project; then, after some lessons, as if by magic, I had an enlightenment that changed my way to intend and look at PC. It turned into an object that helps not only to work, but also to live in a different way, staying much more informed about everything that you deem interesting. I am interested in sport, press review and I use skype, that enables me to video-call my son. In fact, he lives in another city.

Alessandro Ondedei

I am Alice and I am elderly plus and very new to computers.  I sadly have no family to email or Skype but am enjoying looking at the world wide web with Google and Emma’s visits.  I love using the touch screen with the help of my special touch screen pen it makes it so much easier.

Alice Mc Michael

I am 76 years old and they are attracting me to get into this more and more interesting adventure as my trainer introduces me in the wonderful world of Internet.

Bye to everybody!

Americo Mariotti

My name is Anna Maria Alberghetti. I am from Pesaro but for long time I lived  in Rome, that I miss very much.

When I used to live there, it was a wonderful and peaceful city and it was not violent like nowadays.

A friend of mine told me about Ages’ trainings, that tickled my fancy. Thus I decided to try. I like the training even if I find some difficulties.

Anna Maria Alberghetti

I am at the end of training and I am very satisfied. I owe my achievements to Andrea , my teacher. He taught me to use PC quite well thanks to his ability. I feel really gratified.

Antonio Sperindei

My name is Brian and I live in Frith House, a residential care home. I live on the coast in Burnham-on-sea in the county of Somerset. Since receiving my computer I have particularly enjoyed playing the card games. The inter-net is useful when I want to look up facts and I enjoy finding out about new places.

My hobbies include card making and doing jigsaw puzzles. I am able to share photographs of some of my creations with other members of the Ages 2.0 project via my facebook page.

Brian Webb

I am Bruna Mignoni and I take part in Ages 2.0 project. I was given a great opportunity as I have wished for long time to learn using PC. DANIELA is guiding me during this adventure. She helps me to get oriented in a unknown world  with kindness, humanity and a  lot of patience. Now, I am learning and I enjoy very much the course.  It is helping me to connect with friends and relatives and my world is expanding. Honestly, the various tasks are demanding but I am happy to learn. I thank Daniela and all those who work on this project. Greetings to everybody!!!!!!!!!

Bruna Mignoni

I am Clelia. I am finally on retirement for few years! There’s nothing better than being rid of deadlines and duties. I am taking delight in the “absolute do little” (just what is necessary). When people ask me how I spend my day and if I am not getting bored, I tell them they’re crazy!

It was not easy to spend a life as an deadlines addicted in order to reach for everything and to do it on my own, but I do not complain. Anyway, I am realizing I need to get a move on, and the fate made me meet Ages project few time ago.


Clelia Mattioli

My name is Elena Ballabene and I live in Pesaro.

Before the Ages training I had already done a computer training but I hadn’t learnt anything.

Now I have learnt how to type on the PC, to use Internet, mail and Facebook. The thing I like the most is Internet, that I use to seek for information and to read the newspaper every morning.

I enjoyed the course and I am sorry that it is already finished since I would have like to learn other things.

Elena Ballabene

My name is Elena Tuzi, I am 78 years old and I've been working all my life as housewife, since I had to grow up 3 children.

Elena Tuzi

My name is Elisa Panzieri, I'm 71 years old and I'm an housewife. I had chance to attend this course and I'm glad about it because when I feel tired I use my PC and I spend my time happily.

I finished the course and I'm glad about what I learned.

Elisa Panzieri

I'm Francesco Trebbi, I was born in 1937 and I'd been working all my life as upholsterer

Now I'm on retirement and I'm enjoying my time together with my sons, grandsons and greatgrandsons. Overall I shared my best 58 years with my sweet beloved Irene, that is still all my life!!!


Francesco Trebbi

My name is Gabriella, I'm almost 73 years old and I learnt to use pc thanks to this course. As soon as they told me there was an ICT course and that the structure was participating in Ages 2.0 project, I adhered hoping to be choosen, as it happened. I am very happy of my decision also because I was curious to learn using pc at my age. The period of the course was very funny and I thank everybody for the opportunity given. Thank you!

Gabriella Ceccolini

Long time ago, a man, a big man named Ivo, came back from German; he was brought over there with the “tradotte”, a main of transport used to carry cattle on rail. The reason he made the trip was that somebody decided to make the second world folly. Anyway one day Ivo came back home, at his parents’, at his Iolanda, that he married by proxy and somebody rather different from this one of second world folly decided to give him a new being as a gift: Ivo wanted to call her Gabriella. Thanks to people like Ivo I grew up in years of great economic development and, thus, wellness. I passed all the phases of my existence in simplicity.  According to me, it was a simplicity that enclosed all the best of the life: games, school, youth carefreeness, a family, a daughter, two nieces and a job. I did many jobs, but they were all at people’s service. I always worked with humility, trying to make the best of myself. On my pathway there were light and less light moments, but everyday had as a frame the beauty of dawn, the explosion of daytime, the glamour of sunset, the glitter of a star.

Nothing I deny, Nothing I regret, as for me the life had been beautiful… and then, from time to time, there were some unexpected gifts. The last gift was made by Ages 2.0. I do not have words to express my gratitude for this gift: the ability to know and to discover. Which richness is greater? Of course, this shoud be a mean and not an end in order to have the possibility of self-improvement until the last day of life. I started this note telling a story: our past is important, we should never forget it, because it’s on this ground that we make the present and plan the future. I have to say “thank” for all that I have had during my life, but to those? Maybe to the life itself, held in its mistery.

Gabriella Federici

I am Riccio Giancarlo. I am 78 years old and I've been living for about 1 years  at S Colomba. Over my working life I had been working mainly at school, where I also holded management roles.

Giancarlo Riccio

My name is Giorgio Santangeli, I am 68 years old. I worked as upholsterer and I ran my own business activity.

Currently, I am on retirement. When I have the possibility, I enjoy my hobbies, the mountain and biking.  I enjoy even more to dedicate myself to my wonderful four little grandchildren.

Giorgio Santangeli

I am Giovanna Vasari, I like very much Ages project and the PC training. I have learnt important notions to use Internet, Facebook, mail and Skype. PC keeps company with me  because I often stay at home, I rarely go out and my husband works.

Giovanna Vasari

My name is Giuseppe Di Gregorio and I was born in Alexandria (Egypt). When I was 17 years old and at just before the beginning of the last world war, I went to Italy for a summer camp. With the beginning of the war, all the summer camps were turned into paramilitary colleges. On 4/9/1942, I was called to arms and enrolled into the infantry, despite I did not have such duty, since I was resident abroad; then I passed to the paratrooper school. During my life, I got an High School diploma as accountant and, then, I attended the Faculty of Law.

Mainly I had worked as employee in a Technical High School, in a Commercial Schools and in an High School for Trade and Industry.  

Giuseppe Di Gregorio

My name is Glauco Mancini, I was born in Pesaro on May, 8,1921. I ran serious risk of getting landed with an “impossible name”. Fortunately Glauco had the upper hand.

I lived an happy childhood albeit the quite poor conditions. Anyway such living conditions were quite common and were considered normal. Moreover we didn’t have a real wellness parameter that could make us feel wretched, thus the suspect  a better way of living could exist did not torment our time.

Year by year my adolescence was obsessed by the threats of war. It seemed on the point of exploding at any moment.   My mother used to pray God to make the war start if it had to but just before I was to take part. Instead, it did explode when I had just turned 19. I had to move from a place to another to make the war five years long, as official of bersaglieri (Italian army corp).  I had been through a lot: endless dangers, cold weather, hunger, all kind of problems, the afflicting certainty to be on the point of dying. But I was back. Whole.

I graduated in Venice in Foreign Languages and I began quickly to teach. I discovered the vocation of teaching casually. School filled my life 52 years long (40 + 12) . School gave me great satisfactions that last still now. Pupils have told about me: “Extremely severe but extremely loved”.

Currently, on retirement, I still like reading and studying. Every day I go in the countryside, where I take care of abandoned dogs that I adopt day by day.  I am certain that finally Saint Anthony the Abbot will remember me and he will forgive some of my sins.

Glauco Mancini

My name is Hazel Clist and I am approaching 90!  I live in Taunton, Somerset.  I am still pretty active and interested in things such as local politics, crosswords, music and travel.  Thanks to Catherine, she says I am doing fine!  I find the computer and the internet very interesting.  I have Skyped my friend in Australia and most days I email my family.  I love taking photos with the camera and sending those to family.  I am also on Facebook and can see what my family are up to.  I was so lucky to be chosen. 

Hazel Clist

My name is Iolanda Soriani and I’m about to finish the PC training course of Ages 2.0 project. I enjoyed the course very much because it has supported me psychologically. I like Internet because I can read newspapers’ articles on line and Facebook as it helps to stay in touch with other people. I got on very well with Andrea.

Iolanda Soriani

My name is Jane. My husband is being a great help as he has some computer knowledge.

I enjoy using Google and I found this lovely photo of where I once lived.

I enjoy using Email and l am looking forward to Skyping my family. 

Jane Wine

My name is Janet Johnstone. I am very new at this and I must admit I am very rubbish but I have a great teacher!  I am trying to keep in touch with my family by E mail and Facebook.

Janet Johnstone

My name is Kay and I am with my little dog Lily. I am thrilled with opportunity of being given the privilege of this computer which I am enjoying greatly thanks to my super tutor, Emma.

Kay Seed

I am Lina Mascarucci, I am 74 years old and I was born in  Serrungarina. I attended the primary school until the fourth class.

My life has been filled by an happy marriage and by two sons that adore me.

Lina Mascarucci

My name is Lucia Mercantini. I was born in Urbino and i've been living in Pesaro for about 40 years. I'm married and I have 3 sons and 6 grandsons. Actually i'm on retirement and i have never used a pc before to know Ages project but i wanted to have. I like the project.

Lucia Mercantini

My name is Luciano Tiani, I was born on 08/03/1929 in the province of Milan.

I attended the scientific lyceum in Monza an I had been working as commercial agent for an for a firm importing tools based in Milan.

Then I worked in Marche Region and, later on, I started my own activity in Pesaro, where I stayed until the retirement age.

Luciano Tiani

Lyn Blackmore


My name is Lyn Blackmore and I live in the village of Dulverton on Exmoor with my little dog Barney.

We like to go on walks through the fields and by the river near to our home.

I enjoy all aspects of the Ages 2.0 programme especially emailing friends and family and uploading photographs and videos onto Face book. Barney is under the impression that he has become a local Face book sensation!

Lyn Blackmore

My name is Margaret.  I am originally from Stornoway, a remote island in the outer Hebrides in Scotland.  I now live in Sunningdale Lodge, a residential care home in Yeovil, Somerset.  I used to work as a Civil Servant but am now retired.  My hobbies include making cards, knitting and sewing. 

I have 3 children and I am hoping that my computer will enable me to keep in touch with them easier.  One of my daughters is in America and I can’t wait to see her and my grandchildren on Skype.

This is the first time I have used a computer and I am enjoying it very much.  My favourite session has been looking up and watching videos of Johnny Cash on YouTube.

Margaret Brock

My name is Maria Flenghi, I was born and I live in Pesaro and I am 86 years old. I am very satisfied to attend this course. I thank whom allowed me to do it and the gracious Serena, that teach me patiently. Thanks!

Maria Flenghi

My name is Maria Grazia, my life has been a soap opera… since I was a child I had been living in an Institute run by nuns, that taught me how to embroider.

Since my early age, I have health problems, thus I underwent several operations. However this situation did not prevent me from loving my life, rather it gave me  more and more courage to overcome each difficulty I face. Once, being at hospital, I met some nice people. They introduced me to a priest, that helped me to get out of the nuns’ institute. Since then I began to discover my freedom and the real love from many people, that still help me in my bad moments.

I am always joyful, I love to sing, I can fight when unfair situations come up and I am able to fight for me as well as for other people having disabilities like me.

I am very happy about this training. At the beginning I experienced some difficulties and I was almost skeptical to continue.

Instead now, thanks to patience of Valeria, I am satisfied to have completed the course and I thanks my carer.

PC enables me to stay in touch also with friends living far away and to discover wonderful far worlds, even if I cannot travel.   

Maria Grazia Ravaini

My name is Maria Sgherri (Marisa). When I was asked to participate in this project I was not sure to accept, then curiosity pushed me to change my mind.

Now I am happy about what I have learnt. In fact, when I feel sad I use PC and my sadness goes away since I contact my friends and relatives.

Maria Sgherri

My name is Mario Serafini. I was born in Urbino in 1937. Currently, I live in Pesaro, at Santa Colomba care home. I had been working 30 years long as photographer, but  I had been living about 3 years long in Switzerland when I was young, working in a factory. There I lived with my family, that had been always supporting me. When we decided to come back to Italy, we found our home in Pesaro e we didn't move anymore.

Mario Serafini

My name is Meg and I am a 83 year old new timer to computers and the web.  I am an ex Publican of 46 years and retired and live in Burnham on Sea which is a holiday resort with more seagull's than people! I love playing solitaire and using Skype and the rest I am finding a bit hard work but enjoying.  I love using my camera but dislike having pictures taken of me so I take lots of my bird Whoopie.

Meg Knight

My name is Noemi Vergoni and I am 80 years old. After 35 years of work, now I am on retirement and I enjoy myself!

Noemi Vergoni

My name is Olga and I live in Pesaro with my wonderful family. I have a 5 years old grandchild and she is the joy of my life. I have almost completed the Easy Pc training and I am very satisfied about it. I have learnt many things and I like especially reading newspapers, looking for new recipes on web and video-call on skype. I wouldn’t have imagined to be able to do all these things.

Olga Montini

My name is Osvaldo Monterisi and I attended the PC training course of Ages project. The course went well. In the past, I used PC at work, but thanks to this course, I have learnt to use Facebook, that I did not know and that I like, to send mails and to search on web. I will keep using PC and I am to buy a new laptop.

Osvaldo Monterisi

My name is Paola De Biagi, I live in Pesaro, a beautiful city on the seaside.   It is surrounded by wonderful hills and by many typical restaurants and it owns great artistic value. I am attending Ages course and I am very enthusiastic about it since I used to live in my own little world so far while now I can cross the world.

I thank you for the opportunity and I greet you warmly.

Paola De Biagi

I am happily married to Mary and last week celebrated our Diamond Wedding anniversary. I am a retired Graduate Chartered Engineer, previously working on advanced Avionics such as Sea harriers.

I am enjoying using my EASY PC with excellent help from Emma. I use it to email my family who live locally and in Canada. I recently Googled menus in local public houses to see if I liked the menu to take my wife out.

In the past I have used high level languages such as C and Pascal but I couldn’t use that now so am very grateful for this EASY PC.

Philip Gibbons

I am Gentile Quintino Roberto. I am …many years old and I live in this big and nice structure: Casa Padre Damiani.

During my life I did several jobs and I had been abroad, specifically in Venezuela.

When I came back, after few months, I arrived in Pesaro, a nice city where I even created a small furniture company. There I worked until retirement.

Quintino Roberto Gentile

My name is Renata Boiani, I am 73 years old and I’ve always been working, at home and outside the home. Now I enjoy my grandchildren, that by now have grown up. In spite of third age, I go dancing each Saturday and Sunday with my husband. I have a lot of fun!

Renata Boiani

I am Rodolfo Sanchini and I am 75 years old. I spent my life working, passing several experiences.

I began as a woodworker, then I worked as salesman and finally I came back to my initial trade with wood. I realized models of pipes and this business became my second job.

Currently, I am on retirement and I am neo-grandfather of a wonderful granddaughter.

Rodolfo Sanchini

My name is Sarah  I had a stroke a few years ago. I am able to keep in contact with my grand daughter via email and Skype a lot more now with my computer and see photos of my great grand children. It has opened the world up to me!

Sarah Hawker

My name is Seconda Rossi, I was born in Montecchio and I have been living in Pesaro since I was one year old. Currently, I live at Padre Damiani Residential Care Home for few months and I feel very well. Thanks for this opportunity that support elders like us to be more active.

Seconda Rossi

Hi, my name is Sheila, I live in a very nice part of Taunton as you can see by the photo. I greatly appreciate the knowledge that Emma has shown me (regarding using a computer.) I also enjoy using the camera and have taken quite a few photos which I have now entered in my album. Also I have found friends on Facebook which I would never had known was out there, even being able to e- mail and get an immediate reply.

Sheila Flindlers