Activating and Guiding the Engagement of Seniors through social media

5. Up-scaling Strategy and Follow-up

Phase 5 is devoted to setting up appropriate strategies for up-scaling the proposed model and disseminating it to a wider audience. The up-scaling strategy sees the involvement of two “Stakeholders’ Groups”, one in each country, who meet in two Stakeholders’ events in each country, during which they: engage with project participants; assess implications for their work; and feedback on their up-scaling intentions and the up-scaling potential and implications for others.

Furthermore, a selection of national stakeholders meet with their counterparts and the project partners in occasion of a Transnational Stakeholders’ Meeting (to be held in the UK) and the final conference (in Italy). Here, they share their views on the different aspects of the research and, in particular, focus on the cost-effectiveness and transferability of the Easy PC model, through a specific tool set up by the project - the “Easy PC Green Paper” – which is hosted on the project website over the last three months of the project, where after it will be made public.

A Wider Mainstreaming Audience is also informed on the project activities and findings through presentation to third party events, conferences and workshops in the sector, and attending and presenting evidence to relevant forums.

The follow-up activities for the wider public also include the creation of a project brochure, an online social package (including project website and Facebook page), and a final conference in Ancona. Ultimately, a final report is published, summarizing the project findings and conclusions, and including EU- and nation-wide policy recommendations.

Duration: months 3-24