Activating and Guiding the Engagement of Seniors through social media
What is Ages 2.0

The project aims to determine how new technologies, particularly the Internet and social networks, can help foster communication and social inclusion of the elderly, and to evaluate the effects on their health and well-being.

AGES 2.0 is an experimental project aimed at testing the effectiveness of the EASY PC methodology, developed by a research group of the University of Exeter.

EASY PC consists of a training programme on the use of the Internet and social networks, tailored on two selected groups of elderly people in the two countries involved in the research (Italy and United Kingdom). The elderly will be followed by specialised social workers, and their progress in social relations, computer literacy and health will be monitored. A group is composed of elderly people living in nursing homes, while the other group will consist of seniors living in their homes.

Ages Champions

Giancarlo Riccio



Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini Cooperativa Sociale Labirinto Regione Marche - Agenzia Regionale Sanitaria Torbay and Southern Devon Health University of Exeter Somerset Care